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Doppio Tumbler, 6.5 oz, by Innate
Doppio Tumbler, 6.5 oz, by Innate

Doppio Tumbler, 6.5 oz, by Innate 1018811

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Doppio Tumbler, 6.5 oz, by Innate

Sorry, this product is currently not available.

  • Double-wall construction insulates both hot and cold
  • Ideal size for espresso drinks or simply smaller servings (great for toddlers!)
  • Fits most vehicle cup holders (does not fit in a water bottle cage)
  • Made of stainless steel
  • BPA-free, also free of phthalates
  • Press-fit lid minimizes spills

Simple, elegant, and functional, the Innate Doppio insulated tumbler is for the espresso drinker in need of a reusable coffee cup that can handle a couple of shots and enough steamed milk for a respectable wet cappuccino. Take it on your next coffee shop run or use it at home. Compact, stainless steel design is perfect for the morning commute, with a snap-on lid that keeps your drink hot and reduces spillage, all while helping you cut down on disposable coffee cups.

Please note: Lid snaps on snugly.
More Product Details
Holds 6.5 oz.
2 3/4” x 3 7/8”

Made from stainless steel and BPA-free polypropylene.

An eco-friendly alternative to paper and plastic coffee cups. Eliminate hundreds of disposable beverage cups over the course of one year – and thousands over the course of a lifetime.

Learn more about Innate

Care Instructions
Dishwasher safe. Do not microwave.

Be careful of spills from sloshing, as lid snaps on but does not close.

Country of Origin
Responsibly made in China.

Product Name & Number
  • Doppio Tumbler, 6.5 oz, by Innate - Eggplant (HDT200 EGGPLT)
4.6 (based on 8 customer reviews)
By Heather M
12/20/2012 8:12:00 PM
5.0 LOVE!!!

Comments about Product:

Works great! My husband uses it and his response was, "it works fine, does the job." That translates to excellent cup, works great! He gets a Starbucks Doppio often and it holds that drink perfectly, hence the name. The baristas regularly complement the cup, "it's the cutest cup we've ever seen!"

The lid pops on and has a hole to drink out of, so it's not leak proof.
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By cindy a
8/23/2012 6:39:00 PM

Comments about Product:

Overall I like the cup. But I was a bit surprised at the small size. It is handy at work because I don't always have time to drink a full cup of coffee at breaks.
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By James H
6/9/2012 9:28:00 AM
5.0 great for coffee and tea at the desk

Comments about Product:

the doppio cups are great. they work just as they should. they keep the beverage warm longer than a regular cup, so i end up always using it when we make espressos.

we also (my wife did) bought the steel lunch containers modeled on the Indian containers. the ones that stack, with clamps to hold them together. these were a big disappointment, since they don't seal, so anything liquid just leaks out. wish we had our money back and could try something else. would be nice if you made that clear in your advertising, i.e. that you can't put anything liquid (like soup or dal or yogurt) and expect it to stay in there.
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By Kerry H
6/15/2011 7:44:00 AM
5.0 very cute

Comments about Product:

This is a great cup for those days when a small beverage will do. Great for the kiddos too. I will be ordering more.
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By Hira B
5/3/2011 7:10:00 AM
5.0 Great small travel cup

Comments about Product:

I found it hard to find a travel cup in a small size. I got this one for my husband who drinks a double espresso each day (or 2. Or 3) at work and wastes a paper cup each time. He loves this cup and wastes no more!
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By Nicole M
4/12/2011 2:53:00 AM
4.0 Great toddler cups!!!

Comments about Product:

I recently switched to all stainless steel or glass for drinks in our house... I was even able to figure out a way to use our Klean Kanteens as a baby bottle (just paired the sippy cup adaptor with Avent nipples. since the sippy is sold with an Avent spout, it made sense that the Avent nipples should fit as well!) Anyway, I was having the hardest time finding a replacement for those transition sippy cups, you know the simple plastic cups with the snap on lid(not spill/leak proof, no fancy valves or anything, just a good, old fashioned sippy cup). My daughter loves her plastic sippy's and although I handwash them to minimize leaching, that doesn't stop her from gnawing on the plastic spout and ingesting who knows what kind of toxins! I saw this Innate Doppio and thought it might be just what I was looking for. Well they just arrived in the mail today and although I haven't tried one with my daughter yet (hence only the 4 star rating so far), I think they're going to be perfect! I ordered one stainless and one eggplant however, I have decided to return the eggplant and order another stainless as I am afraid the paint may chip off as it has on all of our colored Klean Kanteens. They are rather small making them perfect for a child's hands and having them insulated is a plus, no sweating cups sitting on the furniture come summer! I love that there is an opening for her to drink from but not an actual spout for her to chew on! I am even able to squeeze one of our stainless steel straws into the spout as an option. Although these are meant to be a small travel mug, they fit the bill as an eco-friendly, healthy alternative to toddler transition sippy cups!! Do make note of the size because if you are purchasing for an adult it seems these would only be well suited for espresso or very small cups of coffee/tea.
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By robert p
3/26/2011 12:06:00 PM

Comments about Product:

The doppio is just right size for me. the only thing I would change is the lid. have it fit a bit more securely and add on of those sliders that allows the drink hole to close so it doesn't spill when i carry it in my backpack. thanks. I'll recommend reuseit to all my friends.
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By Valery C
3/15/2011 8:47:00 PM
5.0 Best Little Coffee Mug!

Comments about Product:

This is by far the best coffee mug I've ever gotten. It's the perfect size for a quick morning coffee. Every time I use it the barista compliments on how cute it is! It can't be filled up all the way because the cover pushes in, and the part you sip from doesn't close but the coffee still stays amazingly warm. I love it!
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