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Wrap-N-Mat Large

SKU: 502014
10.97 11.95

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  • Replaces wasteful plastic sandwich and snack bags
  • Opens flat into a placemat, for a clean eating surface anywhere
  • Food-safe liner is 100% BPA, lead and phthalate-free
  • Meets Consumer Product Safety Act requirements
  • Easy-to-clean liner that wipes clean
  • Made in China

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"You won't want to leave home without it." -- Body + Soul Magazine, Feb 2009

"Featured Pick" E -- The Environmental Magazine's "Tools for Green Living" column.

"Inventive and creative..." -- NBC News "Mr. Gadget" segment

We received a ton of requests for a larger Wrap-N-Mat, perfect for men with big appetites and teenagers. This larger version of the classic Wrap-N-Mat offers an intelligent alternative to the millions of disposable sandwich and snack baggies used each day. These smart reusable sandwich wrappers unfold into placemats and are lined to clean up in a snap, with a Velcro closure to keep contents secure. Now you can wrap overstuffed sandwiches and subs with a sustainable product and feel good about ditching use-and-toss plastics!


Dimensions: Folded: 8" H x 7" W (varies depending what's inside)
Open: 17" H x 14.5" W
SKU 502014
Brand Wrap-N-Mat
Brand Description Providing safe and sustainable products has been both a business strategy and an ethical imperative at Wrap-N-Mat, Inc., since 1997. Passing all CPSIA requirements, Wrap-N-Mat is a privately held, 100% woman-owned corporation. As a pioneer in the industry, creator and inventor, Bonnie Stromme prides herself on providing only the highest quality products at reasonable prices. As a mother of four, Bonnie came up with the concept of the Wrap-N-Mat as a green alternative to plastic baggies.
More Details Dimensions
Folded: 8" H x 7" W (varies depending what's inside)
Open: 17" H x 14.5" W

Design & Functionality
Simply fold around sandwiches, veggie sticks, cookies and other goodies, fold the cotton wrapper closed, secure with the Velcro® closure, and food stays put. To top it off, these smart reusable sandwich wrappers unfold into placemats! The FDA-approved, food-grade lining easily wipes clean after every use and is certified by the manufacturer to be totally BPA, phthalate and lead-free. (Still concerned about plastic? A great customer suggestion is to wrap sandwiches with biodegradable wax paper inside the Wrap-N-Mat.) They're durable and will give you hundreds and hundreds of reuses.

Outer shell is made of cotton/polyester. Lining is made of LDPE (#4) plastic. All wraps are manufactured to meet all FDA guidelines to be in contact with food. Wrap-N-Mats are 100% BPA, phthalate and lead-free. LDPE differs from PEVA (what some other Wrap-N-Mats are lined with) in a few ways. First, it's not sticky. It doesn't stick to food and it doesn't stick to itself. Also, it has hash marks, sometimes mistaken for scratches. This marking develops in the final step of manufacture, but it's only superficial. LDPE is very strong and should not tear with regular use.

Please note:We are aware that the LDPE material appears to have hash marks in the lining. These markings are not cuts nor defects in any way and will NOT lessen the durability of the wrap.

When used in place of disposable plastic baggies, each Wrap-N-Mat has the potential to eliminate 1000s of plastic bags over its lifetime, saving you money at the same time. As part of a waste-free lunch kit, these reusable wraps can ultimately help you consume less over time.

Although not required, Wrap-N-Mat, Inc. independently tests all wraps and all meet the new Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA) requirements against lead and phthalates. Wrap-N-Mat believes in providing a safe product that meets all governmental standards.

Care Instructions
Hand wash in warm water and air dry. Not recommended for use with hot items. Do not heat or use in the microwave.

  • Wrap-N-Mats are made to last, but after a few years you may need to replace yours. But don't throw out your worn out, ripped or cracked Wrap-N-Mats! Instead, tear out the liner and use the cloth to wrap up non-food items like crayons or small toys for traveling with kids.

Country of Origin
Made in the USA

Wrap-N-Mat Product Name & Product Number:
  • Wrap-N-Mat Grande, Gray
  • Wrap-N-Mat Grande, Hunter Green Check
  • Wrap-N-Mat Grande, Navy Check
  • Wrap-N-Mat Grande, Red Check

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  1. Love these in both sizes. review by Roderic R on 7/12/2016
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    I needed something for breakfast burritos and lunch wraps, and the small Wrap-N-Mat just wasn't large enough to close. This is just as good as the small one but fits much larger wraps and sandwiches.

  2. Welcome, Mat! review by Vanessa J on 7/12/2016
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    I used these for the first time the other day when my husband and I went to an event where we brought our own sandwiches. He didn't know that I had purchased them and was surprised when I handed him a gray fabric "square" when it was time to eat. The wrap part and the mat part worked perfectly. There was even room for a pickle!

  3. Picky teen thinks it works good review by Kelly W on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    It's as good as it gets, that recommendation. It's good. He uses it. It comes home. No messes. Big enough for his BIG sandwiches. Easy clean. Very minimalist. Buy it.

  4. Great for Larger Sandwiches review by Margret C on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    My hubby likes to bring 1 1/2 sandwiches to work each day and this larger wrap-n-mat makes that easier for him. Being able to open it up and use it as a placemat is great feature.

  5. review by Candace K on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    it is wonderful to use the wrap n mat for my work i don't have to worry about dirty or germ on the table. I opened the wrap and left it on the table to eat. I love it and easy to wash and let it dry . it is useful and worthy

  6. Very Large review by angel s on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I have 2 of the smaller wrap-n-mats that I absolutely love so I had to get the larger one for hoagies. These are very large, much larger than I thought they would be. I use them to wrap a hoagie and the snack bags all in one mat and still feel like I have plenty of room to add more food.

  7. works like a charm review by Elizabeth K on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love this - and the size. I got 2, one for my daughter and 1 for my husband. She can bring in her buttered bagel, or sandwich, or cold pizza (her 3 favs) without waste of baggies or foil. I also love that she has a clean mat to eat off of in the cafeteria. My husband uses it for his big sandwiches - and also loves the clean spot to eat when he eats at his desk. Easy to clean, reuse, and store!

  8. Great Product review by Linda S on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    The Wrap-n-mat works great. It eliminates the need for a plastic bag and it also protects the sandwich from the table and/or my desk. It fits in the lunch container even with reusable ice blocks. I will be buying at least one more

  9. It's awesome review by Denise F on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    My daughter is a big eater! She likes her sandwiches on big bread and this wrap is able to safely pack her lunch without crushing her sandwich. This is a terrific addition to the wrap-n-mat family! I'd recommend it to anyone with big eaters in their family!!

  10. Love it! review by Jennifer M on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    It holds sandwiches made from any sized bread, not just from the grocery store's aisle of square choices. Works great!

  11. Like This Wrap (and the smaller one) review by Claire R on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    So far these wraps have been a hit with my family. The smaller ones work for the kids' sandwiches (sometimes only 1/2 a sandwich) and the larger wrap works well for my husband's larger sandwiches. The messy ones (nut butters/jelly or turkey/mayo) stay contained and there's no need to clean up any mess. Just wrap it up and go...I do clean up in the afternoons. I wipe them with a soapy sponge on both sides and let them air dry. Nicer than plastic containers because they don't weigh anything and for school/camp, it's nice to open the mat and put the rest of the lunch on the mat for cleanliness. Buy these and quit the plastic sandwich bag habit!

  12. Great product! review by kathleen w on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love this product. It is great for wrapping sandwiches and makes a great placemat for eating out. It is very large to fit any size sandwich or hoagie. No more wasting money and hurting the planet with plastic sandwich bags or aluminium foil!

  13. Great for hungry dads! review by JE P on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    My husband liked the idea of the wrap-n-mat, in theory. :) However, he likes is sandwiches on artisan bread and kind of stacked, so wrap-n-mat large to the rescue. Now, he is happy and I can stop nagging him about no-waste lunches.

  14. Brilliant review by Anita C on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    Awesome for sandwiches and easy clean-up while being environmently conscience.

  15. Fantastic! review by Barbara S on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    These reusable sandwich wraps are the best - they keep sandwiches together, fresh tasting, and provide a convenient placemat - all in one. Wipe clean and reuse. Fantastic environmental stride!

  16. Great Mat review by Jill C on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I love the wrap-n-mat. Not only does it keep my sandwich and all its fixins' contained, the mat is large enough to keep my desk clean during lunch!! The interior just wipes clean after use and ready for the next day.

  17. review by Beverly L on 7/12/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I like this large one. We have the smaller ones already. I use it to pack my Pita sandwhich, i haven't tried Subs, but that's more my significant other's department.

  18. Big Wrap, Small Glitch review by Amie H on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    This large mat is really great for the larger sandwiches and hoagies. Easy cleanup. One thing it doesn't cover well is the tortilla wrap sandwiches. The velcro is not long enough to adjust to the narrower size of the wraps.

  19. review by Amy B on 7/11/2016
    Your Product Rating

    I LOVE this product! I have used it almost every day since I got it. I can wrap a sandwich and carrots in the same wrap, or carrots and fruit. When I eat lunch at work, the wrap unfolds and makes a great placemat - when I'm done I can wipe of any crumbs, juice, etc. and I'm done! And I'm not wasting plastic baggies. I highly recommend the large wrap - it is very versatile and can hold more than just a sandwich. The only teeny problem I can see is that the cloth outside could be a pain if you get something on it - you've just got to be careful not to set it down on something wet!

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